Thursday, August 7, 2014

Last day in Chiang Mai

I never went to the night market, all the temples, the world class resturaunts, or anything you are "supposed" to do in Chiang Mai. No regrets though. I spent yet another day wondering around stoping in random coffee shops for hours to drink green tea and read.  It was the most relaxing day. I didn't have a single conversation apart from "Can I have ____?" and "Check please." I just allowed myself to get caught up in my book. I even got my hair washed, took myself to dinner, ice cream, and a beer. I leave in the morning to start my over 24 hour trip back to California.

My hotel: Nimman Resort

Random sites:

Uhhhh really?!

Tea and reading 

Umm I'll just leave the light on...

More green tea and reading

These reminded me of someone I miss terribly

Lunch/dinner and reading

More green tea and reading 

Ice cream and reading 

Beer and reading