Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chiang Mai

On Aug 4 I flew to Chiang Mai (the northern big city in Thailand). I lucked out and am staying in the hipster district. My neighborhood, which is walkable, is full of juice bars, organic salad places, mani/pedi/massage parlors, super cute boutiques, coffee shops, and yoga studios. Oh and I can run without dying! It's basically exactly what I needed to detox from all the heavy food, and relax before I get culture shocked back into America and Law school.  I thought about signing up for some tours or going to downtown and seeing all the temples, but honestly I don't want to. I'm filling my days with wandering around aimlessly and stopping in coffee shops to have a pot of green tea and read my book. It's very relaxing and I'm happy. I have 2 more nights here then early Aug 8 I fly to Bangkok, then to Manillo, then LAX.

The view from my run

Thai fact #435: there is an obsession with large charicature statues in this country

My life now: green tea, reading, and rain