Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back back to Cali Cali

71 days later, clothed in tye dye, sipping on freshly juiced organic veggie/fruit juice, I'm beginning my 27 hour journey back to the States. This is the longest I have been away from my family, although I'm certain that record will be broken in the coming years. When I interned in DC I was gone slightly longer but my parents visited, this time that wasn't feasible and in sure it won't be for most of my future adventures. I'm anxious about returning, while I'm happy to see my family and friends, I'm not so happy about returning to Orange County. A lot has changed in me this summer and I've loved being away from America. If it weren't for my family, I would have continued my journey (trust me this was a serious discussion).

Well my flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok leaves at 6:55am my time (I'll let you figure out what time that is in what ever time zone you are in.) After a short layover I go from Bangkok to Manillo, The Philippines. And lastly from there to LAX landing at 7:50pm PST where my loving parentals will pick me up and drive me to San Diego. Saturday I will happily be sitting with my Nana on my Tia's couch eating the best homemade salsa in the world and telling her all about my adventure!


Last day in Chiang Mai

I never went to the night market, all the temples, the world class resturaunts, or anything you are "supposed" to do in Chiang Mai. No regrets though. I spent yet another day wondering around stoping in random coffee shops for hours to drink green tea and read.  It was the most relaxing day. I didn't have a single conversation apart from "Can I have ____?" and "Check please." I just allowed myself to get caught up in my book. I even got my hair washed, took myself to dinner, ice cream, and a beer. I leave in the morning to start my over 24 hour trip back to California.

My hotel: Nimman Resort

Random sites:

Uhhhh really?!

Tea and reading 

Umm I'll just leave the light on...

More green tea and reading

These reminded me of someone I miss terribly

Lunch/dinner and reading

More green tea and reading 

Ice cream and reading 

Beer and reading 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chiang Mai

On Aug 4 I flew to Chiang Mai (the northern big city in Thailand). I lucked out and am staying in the hipster district. My neighborhood, which is walkable, is full of juice bars, organic salad places, mani/pedi/massage parlors, super cute boutiques, coffee shops, and yoga studios. Oh and I can run without dying! It's basically exactly what I needed to detox from all the heavy food, and relax before I get culture shocked back into America and Law school.  I thought about signing up for some tours or going to downtown and seeing all the temples, but honestly I don't want to. I'm filling my days with wandering around aimlessly and stopping in coffee shops to have a pot of green tea and read my book. It's very relaxing and I'm happy. I have 2 more nights here then early Aug 8 I fly to Bangkok, then to Manillo, then LAX.

The view from my run

Thai fact #435: there is an obsession with large charicature statues in this country

My life now: green tea, reading, and rain


Monday, August 4, 2014

Kanchanaburi Day Tour

Rule number 37 of traveling in Southeast Asia: No one likes an angry western woman. (Back to that in a minute). On Sunday I took a day long trip to Kanchanaburi that was pretty epic.  I met a fellow American, which is rare here, you meet a lot of Canadians and Europeans but almost no Americans.  Anyways on the trip we went to a WWII memorial, rode a train on the Death Railway, a huge Thai lunch, a bamboo raft ride, elephant rides, and a waterfall.  

After lunch the tour people separated me from the elephant group and told me I hadn't paid for that part, which I knew wasn't true. I tried to explain that I was positive I had. My new American friend chimed in and was rudely told "You no speak for her, go with the group." Sooo I stopped being polite. They told me I could pay the extra now then argue with the booking agency back in Bangkok. I told them there was no f*** way I was forking over anymore Baht. I insisted they call whoever they needed to and refused to give them anything. They tried to explain they weren't given enough baht to even pay the elephant people to add me (boldfaced lie). They put me in the van with the non-elephant peeps and of course right after they get a phone call from their boss saying that I had paid for it! So they started apologizing profusely saying they were just doing their job and not to complain about them when I said something to the agency. I smiled and went to the elephant group. Needless to say I complained about them to the agency annnddd I got to ride the elephants!  Regardless, the day was pretty wonderful and I got some fresh air and social companionship for the day.

WWII memorial for those who died building the death railway

A relative of mine?

Death Railway

I found Waldo!!!

Probably not the safest thing to sit at on open door on a moving train crossing a bridge...

Motorboat to Bamboo raft

Taking my banan slug for a swim

Elephant riding

"Wait you want me to sit on the elephants neck?!?!"

Waterfall and retired train


Ps in my time in Bangkok I really didn't see anything in the city so I guess I'll jut have to come back :)