Monday, July 28, 2014


Anna and I were supposed to go to Kep, a small sleepy beach town famous for its crab, on the weekend of the 19th but last minute we decided to push it back to the following weekend.  Anna being the hotel slash tripadvisor guru she is found us this super cute place owned by a Californian man, Chris, his Cambodian wife, Naome, and their two young children Ellie and Luca.  There are only 4 bungalows on the property plus their house and restaurant slash bar.  It was the cutest most calming place I've ever stayed, nestled at the base of a jungle.  On the first night we went down to the crab market and each got 4 fresh steamed crabs.  They were the most delicious crabs I've had in a long time.  The best part was it was only $7 for 4 of them!!

On Saturday per the advice of our gracious host we rented some scooters.  Chris took the time to teach Anna the basics and she picked it up really quickly. I was on the phone while he taught her and as soon as I hung up I just hoped on and went, turns out that knowing how to ride a dirtbike transfers over to all motorized vehicles.  We spent the majority of our day just aimlessly riding around in the rain, it was pretty amazing.

Crab on the beach


4 steamed crabs for $7 YES PLEASE!

Anna on her scooter

Me and my unflattering helmet, safety first kids

Mini Independence monument

Look Ma no hands!

Pupa Cage at the Kep Butterfly Farm