Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's go to the beach, beach, beach

Sorry guys I have been busy with work and life so I keep forgetting to post!

A few weekends ago, Jin (my boss during work hours), Laura (my co-worker/friend), and Anna took a girls trip to Sihanukville a beach town.  Jin being the expert of all things, booked us a hotel in Otres, a beach outside of the main tourist area that was quite and beautiful and free of the rampant drugs and protitution that is in the main area.  Our taxi picked us up from work at 5pm on Friday and was supposed to only take 2.5-3.5 hours, of course our trip didnt go as planned.  We hit an intense amount of traffic, and 2.5 hours into our trip (and barely outside of the city) our car broke down.  While broken down on the side of the road we were informed that another taxi would come get us, which would take about an hour.  In the mean time 3 or 4 guys from the surrounding houses showed up with a truck and a rope to help.  They planned to tow our taxi to a nearby  mechanic, and instructed us to get in the taxi.  Armed with the knowledge my father instilled in me that you should always be careful when towing a vehicle with a slack rope because it has no control and can easily cause an accident, I refused to get in the taxi.  So instead we all loaded into the truck that was doing the towing and off we went.  I should point out that one of the men was only wearing a towel, I imagine he was mid shower when the commotion began, and for some reason felt that there was no time for pants even though they stared at the car for a good half hour.  Pantsless man was chillin in the bed of the truck with Laura and me, and at one point hoped in and was in a full squat smiling happy as a clam. Needless to say we averted our eyes and tried not to laugh to hard while whispering "No Time For Pants!!!." When we got to the mechanic and were waiting for the new taxi, the mechanics wife graciously made us ramen for dinner.  Luckily we all took the whole situation lightly and tried to laugh it off.  We did eventually get to Otres, 7.5 hours after we left work.

Calm before the storm on my run

lovely path I found to run on

One of my many Canine friends


50 cent beer!!

Gorgeous sunset 

Impromptu beer pong with Laura

The weekend was filled with naps in the beach, and lazy days reading books.  We did go explore the main tourist area a couple times but our weekend mainly consisted of relaxing which was wonderful.