Monday, June 16, 2014

Siem Reap: Day 1 Part 2

At this point in the day (after ours of exploring Ankor Wat, Bayon, and getting lunch) we were all pretty tired.  Directly across from where we ate was a giant all thing and Nee (our tuk tuk driver for the weekend) sent us over there to explore.  I cannot remember its name but it as basically a giant ornate wall that had a grand entrance into what was once the Royal Residence.  Withing the walls there was this big pyramid shaped structure that required one to walk up some very steep sketchy stairs.  I read the sign near it and it mentioned something about the king having to sleep up there as some sort of ritual, but again I was pretty tired and needed to use my inhaler because of all the sketchy stairs and hikes, so my mind wasn't working properly.  

(I got really excited about this millipeed for some reason)

But first...let me take a selfie 

Ta Prohm Temple:When we got back to Nee he said something about taking us to the temple where the trees were and made some gesture which I am not assuming meant the roots.  Immediately I thought of the classic picture you see of Siem Reap with the roots of a tree is engulfing a temple and got excited.  As most of you know I have this odd love of when nature reclaims things from humans and shows us that we truly are guests on this planet, so seeing a temple where trees are taking over got me all giddy.  All of us were so tired though we didnt ask questions and just let Nee take us where he wanted.  Turns out it as the temple I was thinking of and boy was it cool.  Unfortunately there were TONS of tourist groups and we were exhausted so if I ever go back to Siem Reap I'm totally spending more time at Ta Prohm.

(I tried to join the tour group but they werent speaking English so I failed)

(Ive always been a tree hugger)

Exhausted and sweaty but still smiling :)

After Ta Prohm we went home exhausted and satisfied.  Hamza realllyyyy wanted a massage so we walked to some sketch place for a $6 massage.  They put us in some room with 3 mats on the floor, 3 ladies came in, we got to stay in our clothes and got the most hilarious massages of our lives.  It was an odd mixture of poking, pulling and yoga all while one of them was playing music from a phone which included Bieber, Gangnam Style and other suppeerrr random songs.  It was quite the experience and we all got to laugh about it after (well during too).