Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nobody likes you when you're 23

Saturday I turned 23, the dreaded age that Blink 182 warned us about. There is a giant building here called Kids City that has go carting, rock climbing, ice skating, and laser tag in it. It's pretty epic. So Hamza, Anna, and I went rock climbing during the day. It's pretty expensive ($10-that's a lot of money here) and you only get to climb for an hour but there are about 20 walls and it's pretty unsupervised so it was fun. By the end of our hour all of us were sweaty and sore.  It was incredibly fun though and if it wasn't so much I'd go every weekend.

After rock climbing we went to BKK1 market and I stumbled upon a whole section of make shift beauty salons.  I got a mani and a pedi for 5,000 riel each! That's $1.25usd!!! It was awesome and so worth it. I don't know if I will ever being able to convince myself to pay western prices again.

Of course I also did the stereotypical go out with the girls for happy hour then bar hop around town and go white girl dancing.  At Howies, this tiny little bar which played a fun mix of 80s and 90s music and had fake vines on the ceiling I made my mark so that so long as they don't paint over it my 23rd will be forever memorialized in Phnom Penh.